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Pipeline Corrosion Control

Cathodic Protection (CP) Systems













Corrosion Protection
Services (Utilities)






Coatings and CP Specification





Corrosion Surveys   for Existing Infrastructure

Cathodic Protection:

  • Pipeline Integrity Management Program (Company-wide) & Plans (Line-specific)
  • Review of Internal Corrosion Control Plans
  • Design, installation, and testing.
  • Designs and specifications for CP systems, based on site-specific testing data.
  • Installation of Impressed-Current CP systems.
  • Installation of galvanic anode CP systems.
  • AC-induced corrosion studies and mitigation plans.
  • Current demand studies.
  • Identification of corrosion mechanisms.
  • Ground/neutral system interconnection diagnoses.
  • Cathodic Protection of Bulk Above-Ground Tank Bottoms
  • Pipeline Integrity Management Program (Company-wide) & Plans (Line-specific)
  • Specifying, Installing Rectifier “Remote Monitoring Units” (RMUs)


Corrosion Protection:

  • Water and wastewater pipelines (Steel, PCCP, RCP, DIP).
  • Water and wastewater utility vessels, lines and fittings.
  • Water and wastewater treatment plants (digesters, clarifiers, filters)
  • Water storage reservoirs
  • Fire suppression piping and fittings

                                                                                          Coating Programs - Underground/Atmospheric:

  • Program/procedure review & development
  • Coating product review
  • Product application training
  • Coatings Specifications
  • Coating inspection


Pipeline System Review:

  • Review of Internal Corrosion Control Plans
  • Launcher/receiver
  • Pigging procedures/training
  • Maintenance Pigging Plans

Operation and Maintenance (O&M):

  • Pigging schedule
  • Pig type recommendations
  • Pigging debris evaluation

Smart Pig Project Management:

  • Review of pipeline as-builts for smart pig passage.
  • Above Ground Marker (AGM) location GPS survey.
  • Cleaning and Smart Pig tracking.
  • AGM marker placement during Smart Pig runs.
  • In-field location and investigation of potential anomalies.
  • Documentation.