Chapman Engineering Protecting Assets and the Environment since 1989
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Cal Chapman

Mr. Chapman has practiced environmental engineering, civil engineering, chemical and mechanical engineering, project management and environmental science since 1981 in Texas and Alaska.  He is a co-founder of Environmental Fuel Systems, Inc. dba Chapman Engineering, which began business in fall 1988 as a partnership and incorporated in 1989.

Since co-founding the business, Mr. Chapman has:

Designed public water systems in Texas, and conducted ground-water studies for residential development in the Texas Hill Country; directed aquifer studies and pumping tests for environmental and potable water projects; directed troubleshooting and solved water quality issues in Texas public water systems;

  • Directed discharge permit preparation and wastewater system design for developments in the Texas Hill Country and along the Texas Gulf Coast;
  • Designed and oversaw development work on residential and commercial development projects, including land use planning, site grading and drainage, storm-water management, road and drainage design, lot layout, survey support, water and wastewater utility planning and design, electric, telecommunications and natural cost utility work, project cost and "pro forma" evaluation, and project management;
  • Provided "conservation development" planning, water conservation and recycling plans, drought contingency plans, resource management and policy guidance, and other planning support to developers, larger engineering firms, property managers, and ground-water conservation districts;
  • Obtained three U. S. patents in underground storage tank (UST)  leak detection and managed approximately 1,700 UST leak detection studies and accounts across the State of Texas and in other states;
  • Conducted and/or directed more than 150 Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA’s), including work under the U. S. EPA Petroleum Brownfields Grant program;
  • Conducted and/or directed work on more than 30 Texas Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) and Innocent Owner/Operator Program (IOP) applications and assessments from 1996 forward;
  • Conducted a voluntary environmental audit under the Texas Audit Privilege Act for a major Texas city, related mainly to the Texas solid waste rules.  This project evaluated more than 30 City-controlled properties, including water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, sewage lift station, material storage yards, fire department properties, and active and former PST facilities;
  • Worked on the TCEQ Drinking Water Sampling contract sampling program in 2004 and 2005, as project Quality Assurance Manager;
  • Provided project support for waste tire recycling and storage facilities in Texas and northern Mexico, working with the Border Economic Cooperation Commission (BECC) and North American Development Bank;
  • From 1992 to present, directed more than 250 "Leaking Petroleum Storage Tank" (LPST) cases under 30 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Chapter 334, and since September 1, 2003 under the "Texas Risk Reduction Program" (TRRP) rule, 30 TAC Chapter 350;
  • Directed, performed or consulted on more than 50 risk-based corrective action, soil and ground-water assessment and/or remediation projects involving constituents ranging from petroleum hydrocarbons to halogenated hydrocarbons to heavy metals, under 30 TAC Chapter 335 and Chapter 350 ("Texas Risk Reduction Program" rule).  Project types included animal dipping vats, used oil operations, former or active dry cleaning or other industrial solvent generators, and oil and gas contaminants related to petroleum, salt water disposal, and radionuclides;
  • Prepared more than 70 Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) and/or  Facility Response Plans for petroleum bulk storage facilities;
  • Designed a number of engineered remediation systems for soil and ground-water cleanup in various Texas locations, and directed construction, startup and long-term operations of most of those systems;
  • Directed or participated in more than 100 UST removal projects;
  • Participated in numerous TCEQ rule-writing projects for soil, water, waste, storage tanks, corrosion protection, environmental laboratory operation and other issues;
  • Directed or supported project work in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, Iowa, Florida, and Guam;
  • Offered expert testimony in Texas legal cases.



Geology, Exploration and Mining Geology, Arctic Engineering, Surveying, 1981-1982
University of Alaska, Fairbanks, 3.5 GPA (while fully employed)

B. S., Engineering, cum laude, 1981, Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas, 3.68 GPA

Major Concentration in Mechanical Engineering
Minor Concentration in Chemical Engineering

 Licensing or Professional Registration

  • Licensed Professional Engineer #81268, State of Texas
  • National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying, #35248
  • State of Texas Corrective Action Project Manager #00255
  • Licensed Cathodic Protection Specialist #23357, National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE International)
  • Class D Licensed Water System Operator, State of Texas, #WO0017399

Professional Experience

EFSI/Chapman Engineering, Bandera and Boerne, Texas
Founder and President, 1988-present

Fairbanks North Star Borough, Fairbanks, Alaska
Environmental Scientist/Technician, 1981 and 1983-84

Kaljenco, Inc., Fairbanks, Alaska
Civil Engineering and Surveying, 1982-1983

Dow Chemical Company, Freeport, Texas
Mechanical Engineering "Co-op" Work, Summer 1980

Technical Presentations:

  • TCEQ/Industry UST Compliance Seminar, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2000, 1999, Austin, Texas, "UST Leak Detection Methods" and "Statistical Inventory Reconciliation"
  • Texas Association of Pupil Transport Environmental Conference, 2006 and 2000, Corpus Christi, Texas, "TCEQ Chapter 334 Rules"
  • Trinity University, 2005, 2004, San Antonio, Texas, "Sustainable Development and Sustainable Design"
  • Sul Ross State University, Alpine, Texas, 1997, "Environmental Regulation and Development in Texas"
  • Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TCEQ) Innovative Technology Demonstrations, Austin, Texas 1996, 1992, 1991, 1990
  • TNRCC UST Release Detection Compliance Training Seminar for Region PST Inspectors, 1995, Austin, Texas
  • American Chemical Society Adsorption Sampling Conference, Paper Presentation, 1994, Chicago, Illinois
  • Hazardous Materials Control Resource Institute (HMCRI), Paper Presentation, HMCRI Annual Meeting, 1994, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Pittsburgh Conference, Poster and Paper Presentations, American Chemical Society, 1994, Chicago, Illinois
  • Emerging Technologies in Hazardous Waste Management No. 5, Paper Presentation, American Chemical Society, I & EC Division, 1993, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Pittsburgh Conference, Poster and Paper Presentations, American Chemical Society, 1993, Atlanta, Georgia
  • US EPA and National Ground-Water Research Center Subsurface Restoration Conference, Poster Presentation, 1992, Dallas, Texas

Continuing Education

Professional Ethics, Industry Council on the Environment, Austin, Texas, 2008, 2007

Class D Water Operator Training, Texas Rural Water Association, 20-hour course, 2007

US EPA/Rubber Pavement Association Crumb Rubber Conference, Dallas, Texas, 2002

National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) Cathodic Protection System Testing, Kilgore College, Kilgore, Texas, 1999

ASTM Risk-Based Corrective Action (RBCA), Energy & Environmental Systems Institute, Rice University, 1997, Houston, Texas

Petroleum Hydrocarbons Conference, National Ground Water Association, 1997, 1996, Houston, Texas

New Mexico Environment Department UST Conference, 1995, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Gulf Coast Conference Seminars on Gas Chromatography, 1993, 1992, Galveston, Texas

OSHA/SARA 40-Hour Waste Site Worker Protection and Supervisory Training Course w/updates, 1992, Bandera, Texas

Field Screening Methods Symposium, US EPA, 1991, Las Vegas, Nevada

Field Monitoring w/Emphasis on Ground Water Protection, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 1991, Las Vegas, Nevada

Jefferson Institute Entrepreneur Boot Camp, Howard Ruff, 1986, Salt Lake City, Utah

Nuclear Testing Equipment Certification, State of Alaska DOT/PF, 1982, Fairbanks, AK


Other Experiences