Chapman Engineering Protecting Assets and the Environment since 1989
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Chapman Engineering

Chapman Engineering is a professional environmental engineering and services company headquartered in Boerne, Texas. Originally formed in 1988 by Mr. Cal Chapman, PE (environmental engineer), Mr. Bill Hayes, a research chemist (44 patents), and Mr. Jim Velvin, a gasoline retailer and engineer (over 130 credited patents). The trio pooled their talent and expertise to launch initial operations. In 1989, they introduced the company's first benchmark process, a UST release detection system called the Chapman Engineering Fuel Finder®. Mr. Chapman and Mr. Hayes continued to develop the company until 1995 when Mr. Chapman assumed full responsibility as owner of the corporation.  Chapman Engineering began to diversify service offerings to include environmental site assessments, tank system removal, and contamination clean-up for chlorinated solvents, heavy metals, and petroleum. Chapman Engineering has provided corrosion protection services since the mid-1990s.

Chapman Engineering offers engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services to the oil and gas, and utility industries. We follow NACE International standards and consider external corrosion protection a two-part solution. First, we make sure a good-quality coating is specified and properly applied; then, we add cathodic protection. Either "impressed current" or "galvanic anode" cathodic protection is specified, then Chapman Engineering accomplishes turnkey design, installation, and testing of the system. Periodic testing and data evaluation are also vital services.

Our approach has always been face-to-face with our customers and the regulatory agencies with whom they interact. Whether the work involves pipeline cathodic protection, environmental assessment, geologic and water supply services, or other design and construction oversight, we want to stay in front of regulatory requirements so we can better advise our customers regarding state and federal compliance.