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Eric Frechette

Eric P. Frechette, P. E. joined Chapman Engineering August 29, 2016, as its Director of Business Development & Corrosion Control Operations.  Eric brings more than 22 years of experience in all phases of corrosion engineering including pre-design, cathodic protection design, field testing, failure analysis, construction inspection services, and construction management.  He also continues to perform business development, management of engineering staff, and marketing functions, all of which Eric has successfully performed over the last 15 years. 

Having graduated from Université de Montréal, École Polytechnique in 1993, Mr. Frechette began corrosion protection work in Canada at that time.  His project work took him to Europe and the Middle East, in addition to Canada and the U. S.  Beginning in 2002, he joined M. J. Schiff & Associates, a highly respected California-based corrosion engineering firm.  By 2004, he was named Vice President and Operations Manager of that business, directing a staff of 40 people.  In 2011, after that business was purchased by a large engineering firm, Eric then built a corrosion engineering division within a Houston-based engineering company.  For the last two years, he was the Director of Business Development for a well-regarded corrosion control materials supply and service firm.

A member of NACE International since 1994, Eric is a Certified Cathodic Protection Specialist through NACE.  He is a Licensed Professional Civil Engineer in California, and is also a Licensed Professional Engineer in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, Canada.  He has, for the last ten years, been a NACE instructor for cathodic protection training courses.   Eric’s project work in the corrosion control field has included design and testing of corrosion control measures for water and waste water treatment plant equipment, for pipelines, water storage tanks, buried fuel tanks, and a host of other structure types. Consulting services he provides have involved failure analysis of internal and external corrosion problems on concrete, steel, stainless steel, copper, copper-nickel alloys, galvanized steel and ductile iron.  For a number of years, Eric also directed a large coating application and inspection work force, which did marine, wharf and terminal, bulk tank and similar coating jobs.