• Perform duties involved with achieving annual revenue/profit goals for construction and engineering operations.

  • Manage and assign responsibilities for technicians and construction staff.

  • Oversee application of generally accepted cathodic protection principles for material application, design practices, installation procedures, survey methods, data analysis, and reporting techniques

  • Improve/develop standard operating procedures for construction staff

  • Analyze staff members and construction operation's monthly performance, and analyze and control construction material inventory levels

  • Maintain construction equipment, construction vehicles, and safety equipment

  • Assist in preparing each year's construction sales budget

  • Assist in bidding construction projects: read construction plans, conduct material take-offs, provide labor estimates, and review/meet subcontractor requirements

  • Review construction proposals, contracts, purchase orders, and work authorizations regarding the Company's proposed scopes of work, customer expectations, and project objectives

  • Oversee the assignment of projects to construction staff members to obtain most effective utilization of resources and meet the Company's commitments to customers

  • Continuously monitor that appropriate methods and procedures are considered by engineering and construction personnel to complete the work to meet the requirements established between the Company and the customer

  • Spot check subordinate's work, as-built drawings, GIS; discuss project objectives, and ensure all work meets the Company's minimum performance standards.

  • Review customer drawings and specifications and determine type and nature of structure involved and physical features of facility

  • Prepare customer proposals for construction projects when directly interacting with an individual customer

  • Approve final pricing for all construction project proposals 

  • Train and develop construction employees consistent with Company policies for job functional tasks.

  • Approve new construction personnel hires, establish appropriate salary adjustments, and assist direct subordinates with employee promotions/terminations


  • Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in Engineering, Construction Management or other related field is preferred.

  • 5 years of construction experience, Cathodic Protection projects preferred

  • Able to effectively communicate with both customers and fellow employees

  • Provide guidance in the solution to obstacles that arise during project

  • Demonstrate conscientiousness and dependability to produce results

How to apply: Email us your resume for consideration.